Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hidden Motives of Mothers (Teenage Version)

When I dropped Ron off at high school this morning, I pulled past the door so other cars could queue behind me. At least, I thought that was my reasoning. Apparently, I had a hidden motive.

"Geesh, Mom, why did you pull up so far, just to irritate me?" Door slam.

"I love you, too, son and have a great day," I responded to the empty seat.

He's in Day 2 of his graduate qualifying exam. Think he's stressed?

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Lucy said...

Sometimes, when my husband says something particularly innoculous (Like "isn't the sunset pretty") I respond with "Is that a fat joke!?!"

Let me reassure you that he has NEVER made a fat joke, ever. But that in and of itself has turned into the joke. Stemming from one time when he said something like "I'm going to the store" while I was hormonal (pregnant) and I seriously demanded "Is that a fat joke!?!" before bursting into tears!