Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Saturday night, Ricky invited the soccer team (and dates) to a bonfire to fire-up for Sectionals. It was a good bunch of kids and everyone had fun. It rained heavy all day but stopped half an hour before the party just as we were moving everything inside. There was a half moon and a sky full of stars.

Steve saw a shooting star and I told him to make a wish. He looked at me intensely and said, "I can't make a wish because I have all that a man could wish for." The boys groaned and muttered, "smooth," but I saw the look of pleasure in their eyes, the pleasure of hearing a man honor his wife.

They wanted Steve to play his dulcimer, but he was at the bottom of the hill. So I called him with our signal...I call him with an owl's call and he calls me with the bob-white call. So much nicer than yelling someone's name. My hoo-hooting startled the kids, but I had to giggle at Ricky's explanation, "Oh, that's Mom's mating call."

We mowed the wildflower meadow for the party. The asters were in full bloom and the butterfly weed pods were still green. I hope it doesn't harm the reseeding.

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Lucy said...

LOL! I will never listen to an owl the same way again.