Friday, December 01, 2006


How did I do with the National Blog Posting Month experiment? I made 29 posts in November, which does not mean I only missed one day. I missed six days, but had multiple posts on other days. So I didn't make my goal, but I did a lot better than the 11 posts in October.

The new Blogger monthly stats brought out my latent statistician tendencies, but I resisted doing a regression analysis. However, here is a chart showing that I tend to post most often in spring and fall. It also shows that if I have a heavy month of posts, it drops precipitously the next month. My first post was June 5, 2002.


Renee said...

I've really enjoyed having new Martha posts to look forward to nearly every day! (For what that's worth....)

WGW said...

just wanted to ask you where you are in the NaNoBloPo 2007?