Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain

We have had a drought this summer. While we are only 3.5" under average for the year, most of the rain came in April and early May. We may have had a tenth of an inch this summer...until last Saturday. It rained again yesterday and I gloried in it. It is raining now. Except it is coming down at a rate of 2" to 4" an hour! Couldn't we have long gentle rains periodically? I'm sure the hydrangea blooms are on the ground and I wonder if my staked plants (delphiniums, dahlias, etc.) are holding up at the site.


Akoni S. Chaput said...


We both have the word 'rain' in our blogs, however, mine is to shew it away...and your is to glorify I do love the rain, knowing it's blessing to the gardens of the world, it's just that up here in Vermont - 50/50 would even be nice.
P.S. The GSP garden looks like a very beautiful place.

rachel said...

I live in erie, pa, and we just got some rain as well. It IS GLORIOUS, everything was so dried out. But I know what you mean about it hitting the staked plants. In May we had a crazy storm that bent over all my iris plants.

I enjoy reading your blog. It inspired me to work on my own although it's more photography based.