Thursday, January 31, 2008

The danger of growing Japanese maple seedlings

Maybe there is more to this story, but on the face of it, I'd warn my gardening friends to put LARGE labels on their Japanese maple seedlings.


Kylee said...

Wow. That is just awful.

Our neighbor to the south asked us if we were growing something illegal in our basement because he could see the glow of the fluorescent lights we have for the various plants I'm overwintering down there. I told him if he broke in and started smoking the geraniums, I was going to have him committed. LOL.

Your blog is really pretty!! said...

Very Funny!! I just love my seedlings that I got frm my mom's parent tree she has. I have about 200 seedlings all around 4-6 inches tall. All I have been giving them is water and fresh air since the spring. I want to bring them in for the winter, but not sure on what type of food to use for them. Any help would be great, Thanks.