Saturday, October 04, 2008

And just why has our family been fiscally responsible?

This post on Fort Wayne Politics most succinctly describes my own reaction to our financial crisis. I do not want an economic meltdown, but we are only postponing the need to address the unsustainable level of private, corporate and government debt.

Steve and I have been fiscally responsible. We drive used cars. We remodeled our home (mostly ourselves) instead of buying a new home. We are debt-free. We saved for retirement. Then I opened my retirement fund statement this morning and determined that I will have to die ten years sooner than I planned and probably from starvation because inflation is gobbling up our income. That's my typical hyperbole, brought on by anger at the stupidity of our elected officials. Steve and I are well-equipped to face whatever the future brings; we have the skills, the common-sense, the temperament, the discipline, and the faith needed for tough times. I just wish I could find someone to vote for with skills, common-sense, and discipline.

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Lenise said...

It's rare for someone with that combination of qualifications to choose politics as a field. Just for what it's worth.

Maybe y'all should explore the possibilities...