Monday, November 23, 2009

Last planting of 2009

I just planted 300 crocus bulbs in irregular groupings where my front walk opens to the sitting area under the maple tree. You can see the opening in this photo, which obviously was taken in late May/early June during the blue phase of my garden. (Yes, I could look up the exact date, but then I would get distracted by something and never post. ) The pond is on the other side of the tree so you are drawn through the opening and under the tree toward the pond. Usually I have reasons for my "designs" even though the reasons may not be obvious to visitors. hey, this is MY garden. The older I get, the more freedom I give myself to do things my way.

I love the larger crocus but they bloom two weeks later than the early crocus. I am so hungry for flowers in March that I decided to plant the smaller, earlier blooming crocus: white (Biflorus Purity), lilac-blue (Sieberi Tricolor) and yellow (Chrysanthus Goldilocks).

So does that mean my fall chores are done outside? Not quite. I still need to clean up a few beds and add the detritus to the compost pile and then turn the compost pile. I'm composting at the end of a new vegetable garden and will expand the garden next spring to include the compost area.

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Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

I think your walkway looks beautiful! And you are going to LOVE those Sieberi tricolor! They're my favorite crocus of all. I bought more this fall so I could enjoy them even more than I have in past years. I just ordered today from Brent & Becky's now that they are half off. Hopefully, they'll get here quickly so I won't be planting them in the snow!