Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pizza Park

There is a park in Cedarville that my family calls Pizza Park. The name came from the days when my boys were young and we would play at the park and then carry-out pizza from Pizza Prize across the street. (Great pizza. I miss you, Pizza Prize.) The park had old-fashioned playground equipment, so old that I remember them from my grade school days. Remember the maypole, a tall column with chains hanging down with handles attached. We would grab a handle and start running in a circle and soon we were airborne. And the old merry-go-round that would go so fast that you knew you would surely sail off clear across the playground.

Through a massive community effort, a new playground was constructed in 1997. Here is a carved sign thanking the many volunteers that made the new playground possible.

Take a closer look at that sign and you will see my husband! He took the then 8-year-old twins there often to help build a new playground.

Yes, he is the one in the baseball cap with a towel hanging off his pocket.

Last night, we went to Pizza Park. We stopped at the sign and Steve said, "I didn't know it then, but I built this for my granddaughter."

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Kylee said...

I love this, Martha. So sweet!