Saturday, December 14, 2002

Butter, Sugar, Flour, Vanilla
There must be 10,000 Christmas cookie recipes based on these four ingredients. This year I've made a serious effort to bake them all.

Christmas Tree
We planted 25 Scotch pines in 1995. Last year we cut the first tree for Christmas. It was definitely a Charlie Brown tree, but we loved it. This year my husband and son cut another tree and it is beautiful. Because we do not prune the trees, it is a natural, full, lush shape, not some hard cone head. It is about as wide as it is tall and the branches are spaced perfectly to display ornaments. There was only one slight problem with balance and the fully decorated tree toppled one hectic school morning with the school bus waiting on top of the hill.

Favorite Blogs
If I invest some money and time into this blog, you would see a list of links on the side. Since I'm taking the low budget/low maintenance approach, here are some links that I enjoy and I hope you do too.

Going Bridal tops the list.
If I log on to the internet, I have to visit this site. I haven't quite figured out why because my wedding was over ten years ago and my sons' weddings are far, far in the future. It's probably her excellent writing and fine attitude. I've commented on this site under a nom de guerre. Can you guess it?

Another one I follow is Julie/Julia ( where Julie is cooking all the recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year. Watch out for language on this one though.

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