Friday, October 15, 2004

To Kitty - A Rondeau

To Kitty - A Rondeau
"And after partaking of Sunday eatables he was bidden to write." - G. Innesly
You bid me try, Dear Kit, to write
An impromptu, at once, to night!
A rondeau, too, with thirteen lines,
And with the choice of just two rhymes;
Think of the task! at best - not light,
But when the muse, that nimble sprite,
Be stuffed with turkey, it is quite
Beyond my pen, and yet - pass lines!

You bid me try.

But still I strive; I'm in a plight;
Ah! Curses be on appetite,
And woe to him that overdines,
His verse with humor never shines,
And though my form "twill blast and blight,

You bid me try.

From John M. Hilliard, Medina, N.Y. Christmas,

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