Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All By Myself

Remember when your toddler wanted to do it "all by myself?" Nothing changes when that toddler becomes a teenager. While the boys constantly test the limits of "all by myself," life is easier now that they independently mow the lawn, cook dinner (their menu of course), do the dishes, sweep the floor, do their own laundry. I'm afraid we will get used to this and then they will be gone and we will have to do it "all by ourselves" again.

Ron signed up to bring cookies to school today. Last night, as I was leaving the house for a meeting, he asked me if two sticks of butter equaled a cup. When I got home, he had stirred up and baked a large batch of chocolate chip cookies to take to school. He even pointed out that he washed the baking dishes and wiped the counter. That sure beats me staying up late to bake treats for school.

This morning, Ricky asked me when he could bake cookies "all by myself." Hmmm, Christmas baking may have gotten a whole lot easier.


Lucy said...

This morning my 7 yr old proudly announced that his grandfather had let him iron some curtains "all by himself" while I was in the tub.

I don't know what I'll do when they grow up and move out! Lol.

Anne Glamore said...

As you can tell from my post, THIS is the way things ought to be done, in my opinion. Congrats for raising such self-sufficient boys!

And thanks for visiting the Kingdom.