Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Wisteria Hysteria

School was out due to teachers' inservice (they never had these when I went to school!) and Ron came with me to work about a week after I stopped the Slaughterer from cutting the supporting above-ground roots off the venerable wisteria. When we arrived at the gardens around 9 am, I found the Slaughterer standing in a large hole swinging an axe underneath the arbor. In the middle of the hole was a large root, all that remained of a hundred year old vine. Without asking, Ron hopped in the hole and took over the axe. To my horrified "That vine was still alive!", she replied, "It was getting in the way of the beautiful clematis."

It's been several weeks and things have calmed down around the arbor...but there are stories to be told about her love affair with invasive plants.


Lucy said...

See, you and I are "different people".

Because I would have quitely ripped out Every. Single. Last. bit of clematis right there in front of her.

Without me ever saying a word, she would literally have feared for her life.

But I have a decidedly unholy temper. And its probably best that you don't :)

Peg said...

I agree, the clematis should go or be transplanted. It might look nice adorning the new gazebo...