Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Garden Walk and Master Naturalist Test

That's what has been keeping me away from posting the last week.

The Garden and Wildflower Walk last Saturday was a big success. Sure, I put a lot of work into getting the garden ready and preparing a talk about the history of the garden and the vision to restore it historically. The show-stopper was the wisteria, though, which decided to bloom three weeks early.

Then I had to get ready for the Master Naturalist test on Tuesday evening. There were eight 4-hour classes and I hadn't reviewed any of the material before Sunday. I studied hard, especially the technical stuff, such as the various lengths and angles of crystals. I got there last night and discovered it was an open book test! Boy, did I overstudy. Not that I regret the learning, but I could have spent some time in my own garden. I received a call last night to tell me that I got 100%. Now I have to volunteer 30 hours to get my "badge."

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Lucy said...

Every time I hear the word Wisteria I giggle :)