Monday, August 07, 2006


Ricky decided to try out for soccer this year, despite playing only one season in the 7th grade in a community league. He has been enthusiastically giving it his all (as is the norm for him), but I have been hinting that the competition is tough as the other boys have been playing for years on travel teams and I also know this high school is very competitive in all sports. Ricky has not been on any athletic teams in high school and is entering his junior year. When he was younger, we supported his desire to pursue interests even if the skills weren't there yet. As he enters the late teenage years, this is more of a dilemma, but we decided to support his interest in trying out because at least he would have fun this summer.

Tonight was the Code of Conduct meeting with players and parents. After the meeting, the head coach wanted to talk to me in private. Bracing myself for what he was going to say, I learned that he will be putting Ricky on the varsity team and he wanted to warn me that Ricky would not get much play time. He said Ricky works hard, has improved and is enthusiastic. He talked to some of the key players before making this decision and the stars want Ricky to be on the team. I'm still processing this. And I'm still processing the idea of becoming a soccer mom at this late date.

(The teams are not going to be announced until Thursday, so that's the reason for the shhhh.)


Anonymous said...

Well. There are worse life lessons than learning that working hard, improving and expanding your skills, and having a good attitude will get you where you want to go.

In my opinion, being a good soccer-mom is all about the snacks. And owning team-colored nail-polish. And a festive team-colored outfit. May you be blessed with a non-orange team, which will make you look like a giant pumpkin. But, in that case, better to be a giant team-spirited pumpkin than a poky curmudgeon that only makes "healthy" cookies.

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! You and the husband can wear MATCHING festive team-oriented outfits! Except for the nail-polish. (And we'll need you to post pictures :)

Earth Girl said...

I just can't see royal blue nail polish on my gardener hands! I do have the shirts though, as that was part of the secret to Show Choir. He was in Show Choir the first two years of high school but did not make it this year. He needs to be part of a group and I sure couldn't figure out how that would happen. So this was a complete surprise (except I turned it over to God last spring and I've learned that He opens some surprising doors.)

Anonymous said...

Ah, lucky you! And the secret is blue TOEnail polish. Which really doesn't look as weird as you might think :)