Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Garden Shoes

Carol over at May Dreams Gardens issued a garden shoe challenge. It's taken me several days to respond to the challenge because I had to get some of these shoes dirty outside first. I have a lot of "gardening shoes" (these aren't all) because I tend to ruin shoes by walking outside just to admire the garden and then digging in. So here are my shoes and I'm sure The Manolo wouldn't approve.

I wore the green and leather boots today when I was cleaning up and I wear the Crocs in the hot summer. I'm constantly kicking soil out of the Crocs and my feet end up filthy.

The moccasins are an easy pair of shoes to slip on when I need more support. The tall boots helped me collect maple sap last weekend but they usually live in the Garden Shed at the site.

These Bass shoes have served me well for about 15 years but finally developed a little leak. They are insulated and are good for early and late gardening.

Finally, these Sas shoes have seen many hours in the garden and are my favorite pair when I'm using a shovel. They remind me of Gertrude Jekyll's boots and that's why I love them.

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Carol said...

Cool! Love all the shoes. They look well worn and well loved. I've been admiring Crocs but have resisted because of the holes.

at May Dreams Gardens