Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today I received a treasure in the mail. My Uncle Sandy (for Sandford) sent me this photo of his parents and sisters along with this characteristic humorous note: "A while back I promised you a family picture. I guess Joan to be four years old putting the picture about 1930, probably in a studio in Warsaw. Since I wasn't born yet, the details are a little vague."

Uncle Sandy is the only surviving sibling. My mother is the middle girl in the back. If you knew her, you would recognize her instantly. Judging from my grandmother's hairstyle and dress, I think 1930 is about accurate. My grandmother and Aunt Mary (the first girl in the back row) were both freckled red-heads, but Mom and Aunt Joan (last girl in the back) had their father's coloring. Aunt Marjory, in the front row, was their half sister.

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Carol said...

Your uncle sounds like he has quite a sense of humor. I love old family pictures!