Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eighteen and I like it

Note: click link only if you want to play the song. I've been singing this Alice Cooper song for the last week, much to the consternation of husband and sons. It seemed appropriate given that I now have two eighteen-year olds in my home. When my sons protested my singing (and I'm sure it was the lyrics and not my voice), my husband said he couldn't stand the song when he was 18 and he still can't. Ignoring that it's Alice Cooper, I think it's this phrase that bothers them: "I'm a boy and I'm a man."

Happy Birthday, Ricky and Ron. I promise only to call you a man and not mention those times you act, sound and look like the little boys you still are sometimes.


Kylee said...

I love the song, too! 'School's Out' is another one of Alice Cooper's that I like.

We didn't make it up that way today. I'm not feeling well, and it was raining. We'll have to figure out another Sunday to make the trip soon!

Renee said...

Thank you for causing me to remember that song, which I used to love! While I never took much to the "shock rock" genre that Alice may have started, I found myself liking his music anyway. It always seemed that he was doing it with a big wink-wink to the audience, and his witty stage persona made it all a big joke -- as opposed to Marilyn Manson's version of creepiness, which seems to be his full-time self.

Remember, too, that Alice Cooper widely criticized some of the anti-Christian themes in Marilyn Manson's music, although he later toured once with MM, I think. Alice talks pretty openly about his family, plays golf and has a career as a witty, personable radio host. So he may not be utterly detestable, methinks.

Hope that your boys had a great 18th birthday, and that they will find many possibilities to be excited about as they become young men.