Thursday, August 09, 2007

See you at the Preposition

Rushing out the door, just slightly late to pick up Ricky after soccer practice, I called to hubby over my shoulder, "Ricky will be calling soon demanding 'Where are you?'"

"No," he replied, "He will ask "Where you at?" and you can tell him you are in front of the preposition."

With a giggle at his little joke since I could hear in my mind Ricky saying just that, I left. A minute down the road, my cell phone rings and Ricky says, "Mom, where you at?"

Of course, I responded, "In front of the preposition." And then the call dropped.

A few minutes later, the phone rings again. "Mom, where did you say you were?" And I just told him I would be there in 5 minutes. (I really try not to talk on the cell and drive.)

As I pulled into the parking lot, the phone rings again. Hubby is laughing hysterically. He called his brother about something and his brother said, "Where you at?" Of course, Steve told him "in front of the preposition." Confused, his brother stammers a bit and asked again with the same response from hubby.

Hoosierisms. It's a family affair.

(Yes, I did explain the joke to Ricky and explained for the umptieth time that he doesn't need to add "at" to the end of a sentence. Being 17, he insisted that he did not say, "where you at" but rather "where are you.")


Carol said...

Love the Hoosierisms. I might be using some of them and not know it. I do say "where you at". I do things "after dark".

But it drives me nuts when I hear people say "grass needs mowed" or "plants need watered" "check needs signed" You get it...

Carol (the Hoosier) at May Dreams Gardens

Kylee said...

Oooooh, this one is a REAL bugaboo for me! I correct my kids all the time and at 27 and 24, wouldn't you think they'd get it pretty soon? I swear, they do it just to bug me now.

Kara gave me a t-shirt from her work a couple of years ago that said "Where you at?" That seriously makes my ears bleed.