Monday, February 25, 2008

Talk, talk, talk

With that title, this post could be about my sons. Both are quite the talkers. But, no, this post is about me and my willingness to say "YES!" when someone asks me to speak.

Thursday, February 28, Home and Garden Show, Allen County Memorial Coliseum, 5 PM, "Gene Stratton-Porter:Environmental Lessons from the Past"

Sunday, March 2, Allen County Home and Garden Show, 2 PM, "A Homeowner's Guide to Better Water Quality"

Monday, March 17, Huntertown United Methodist Senior's Group, after lunch (prepared by the culinary arts class at Carroll High School, which includes my son), "Restoring the Garden at Gene Stratton-Porter's Wildflower Woods"

Saturday, May 17, Unitartian Church's Garden Party, time unknown, "Jewels from the Past: Gene Stratton-Porter's Garden"

Every Wednesday until the end of April, I am co-teaching a class at church called "Godly Living, Green Living." During the last two classes, we covered scriptural basis and introduced water quality. This Wednesday will be practical tips to improve the quality of water, such as rain gardens, filter strips, septic care. Other topics will be cooking green, cleaning green, energy consumption, making sense of the science, sustainable agriculture, invasive species, air quality, and recycling and packaging.

So I'd better go finish my presentation for Thursday!


Kylee said...

Hey, I've HEARD you speak and you're wonderful! It's a good thing when you say yes! And you know, that's why you keep getting asked! Unfortunately, I won't be able to hear you this year. :-(

Mad Man Bamboo said...

I really like the infusion of spiritual and religous faith and how it can embrace environmental responsibility and conciusness. Your doing good work!


vonlafin said...

Oh, I would love to hear you speak. Won't make it this year though. Good luck!

JLH said...

What a fine blog you have! I just stmbled into it, willy-nilly, and it's perfect -- good writing, observing, pics -- you're my new star! Great spider. One summer I took a picture of a little yellow spider on A sunflower. But it got lost in film-land (negatives).
Please keep blogging!