Monday, July 21, 2008

Graduation Time

Ricky is graduating this summer. He was three credits short, but wanted so bad to graduate with his class and HAVE A PARTY. So he took three classes this summer, because we refused to have a graduation party without, you know, him actually graduating. He finished his English class a few weeks ago and finished his health class tonight. That just leaves Economics, which should be done tomorrow night.

The party is August 2 and he just asked me, "Mom, you'll make me a scrapbook, right?" Yikes! I've tried scrapping and even attended a scrapbook night at church once. Five hours later, the other women had completed numerous pages and I completed just one. I dinked around with the design and then had to write a narrative, while they just slapped the pictures on the page with one or two words. To complicate matters, I've printed very few pictures the last two years. I think I'll put the recent pictures into a digital frame and then make posters of the major events and perhaps make a few scrapbook pages. Probably in desperation I will just throw the rest of the pictures in an album.

His cousin, who graduated in the same class, took these pictures of Ricky for me.


Babs said...

Congrats to your grad! How exciting! I'm sure your scrap booking efforts will turn out wonderfully.

Lucy said...

Lol! I am certain that the other women's scrapbook pages looked EXACTLY like they had just smacked down a few pictures willy-nilly, and I'm equally certain that your's looked like it had required slightly more effort :)

Wow! I didn't realize how much time had passed since I had gotten to read your blog. Your boys are so ... graduated! What are they up to now?

Celia Anne said...

Hey Martha!!!!!

If you want more pictures taken, please just leave me an email

or if you know anyone who needs photos taken.

celia anne