Monday, July 14, 2008

A sassafras strip canoe

My brother is not the only craftsman at work around my home. My husband has started his second strip canoe. I gave him the plans and forms for a Voyager canoe for Christmas. He decided to make his own strips from sassafras, a traditional wood for canoes. He started by cutting the planks into strips, planing and sanding them and then he put beads and coves on every strip.

The next step was to set up the forms on the strongback and then mold the inner and outer stems.

Here he is applying the first strip to the form. He staples the strips to the form and glues between the strips.

After laying about four strips on each side, he laid the "football" on the keel. This makes the keel stronger; otherwise, he would have numerous strips ending at the keel line due to the shape of the canoe.

The next strips on the side will have a walnut inlay and he cut the design into the next three strips.

Then comes a tricky part. He had to add tapered strips to each end. You can see one of the tapers in this photo, the second strip down. I think of these as reverse darts. He's out in the shop now laying on more strips and more tapers.

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Kylee said...

That's so cool, Martha! We just got back from Hocking Hills and brought a small sassafras seedling home with us. It's not looking so hot right now. I've always wanted a sassafrass tree. I never see them in the nurseries.

The Cornus you gave me last summer is doing very well! Thank you again!

We are going to be in Kendalville for GeoBash again this summer. It's the weekend of August 9th and we will be visiting GSP's garden again! This time, our daughter and son-in-law as well as my husband will be with me. Romie (husband) said he doesn't want to miss it this year. :-) Maybe we can see you again?