Monday, January 19, 2009

A day at The Highlands

After church, breakfast and grading homework, we headed out to the tree farm for some cross-country skiing. We call it The Highlands because of the 70 foot bluff overlooking the river and the fact that my husband's ancestors came from Scotland.

We discovered the neighbors from the Art Farm (two artists are rehabbing an old Amish farm across the road, starting with purple paint) had laid ski tracks around our land and through the neighbor's woods. A fine powder of snow filled the tracks for perfect skiing. The weather seemed balmy (24 degrees) and the sun was shining, but the wind was blowing hard. After some skiing, we built a little fire in a sheltered spot and warmed up Cuban black bean soup for lunch.

We hit the trails again and then switched to boots to prune some of the trees. Note the small hardwoods behind Steve. We are pruning so all the hardwoods have one dominant straight leader. This is called financial pruning (best timber price when mature) rather than aesthetic pruning, although I let one oak in an open spot continue growing with spreading branches. Maybe someone will put a swing there someday.


Renee Wright said...

John and I went out xc skiing at Chain O' Lakes on Sunday, too. Really ideal weather, wasn't it? We were probably a little more sheltered than you guys, as we were more back in the woods. John "skied" down a hill on his butt, and we later discovered that he had apparently lost his GPS unit on that hill. Happily, another skier had found it, so all was well.

Kylee said...

You know what? I have cross-country skis and haven't been out on them for years. Shame on me! You know what I worry about now? Twisting a knee! Is this a bad sign, that I'm worrying about such things?