Saturday, January 03, 2009

Do it sooner, rather than later

I painted my dining room today and it reminded me to make changes sooner, rather than later. A good reminder for the new year.

I have disliked the color in the dining room since I painted it, about ten years ago. Here's a picture from a baby shower that shows the dining room. The french doors are open in the picture, but there's a good shot of one wall. The paint has a pinkish cast and it washed out the beauty of the woodwork.

Here's what it look like tonight, almost finished. The color is not true; it's darker and not olive. The tape is still on, I have some trim to finish on the built-in sassafras china cabinet that my husband made for me, and I need to iron the freshly washed valance to hang over the doors. Oh, and clean up my paint mess, too.

So on the theme of changes, perhaps I shall work on getting the plank floors I want. It may be a while since my husband wants to put radiant heating under the floors and build the planks himself, probably from trees harvested from our tree farm. Oh, well, I'm pleased with the new paint for now.


Carol said...

I finally painted my kitchen/breakfast area after Christmas, too. I had to remove all the wallpaper first, a project I started in July, restarted in November and finally finished!

I already have a wood floor in there, so won't have to wait for someone to harvest lumber, dry it, cut it into planks and install it. That sounds like QUITE a project.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Kylee said...

I love it, EG! It looks similar to the color I want in my living room. It's a boring eggshell at the moment and I just can't stand it anymore. But when we moved here it was gold! (That was in 1977 and the house was built in 1975, when Harvest Gold was all the rage!)

But you know I'm the Queen of Procrastination, so it will probably be awhile before it gets done. However, your message here is not lost on me. Maybe it will be sooner!