Sunday, March 16, 2003

Talent Show
Ricky was amazing. He had the audience clapping along with him and his grin was infectious. Unfortunately, at the beginniung of the last verse, he forgot the words and looked to his music teacher in the wings just as the teacher gave another student a vigorous hand signal to be quiet. Ricky thought he had done something wrong and became flustered. Finally, he said thank you and bowed off the stage. His brother told me they played the talent show during lunch and when Ricky sang the whole room of seventh graders became absolutely quiet.

Spring Teasers
It is sunny and 65 degrees today. The little time I spent outside made me long for more. The tips of my crocus are up and the bergenia is starting to show color. I saw my first butterfly. Samson, our banana lavatory according to my 3 year old nephew, had lots of fun breaking through the ice on the edges of the pond into the chilly water. He is a muddy wet stinky happy mess. The boys played basketball outside after spending five hours on homework. I opened all the windows in the house and cars to remove the stink of winter with the breath of spring. I know, I know, this is Indiana and we will probably have a blizzard next week. But I will enjoy the moment.

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