Thursday, May 27, 2004

I haven't addressed controverial issues on this blog, but this post by Dean Esmay struck a chord. Even when I was a young, budding feminist and unduly influenced by popular opionions, I had mixed emotions about abortion. I'm sure it was related to the sense of horror I felt when I learned about abortion as a young teen from reading a Life magazine article about back alley butchers. We were a family that loved babies, and we still do. As I grew older, several women confided in me their post-abortion pain. Every single one was given no choice by the father. One was taken to another state by her husband, crying the whole way. She told the doctor she did not want an abortion but she was given no choice.

I am against abortion on demand. How can any thinking rational person claim this is not a baby; but even if you remove the inflammatory "killing babies" statement from a discussion of abortion, why do we never hear about the lasting emotional damage to the mother?

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