Saturday, May 08, 2004

Garden Party
The first guest arrived at 8 am, an hour early. I put her to work getting ready for 38 women, 1 man and 4 children. Most left around noon with trunks packed with new plants, but family stuck around and talked until about 1:30. At 2:30, my last guest arrived. She had a conflict in the morning but dropped by with her husband and children (not included in guest count). We caught tadpoles and I showed them the Stupid Catfish Trick.

I’m exhausted from getting ready, hosting such a large group, and the heat of the day, and I still have most of my booty to plant. My sister, who knows me well, brought me a hostess gift I’ve long wanted - a tree peony. That baby went in the garden right away, after I removed an English rose that had reverted to rootstock. During the exchange I received a toad lily, Basket of Gold, aster, white daylily, 3 pussy willows, a different type of sedum, catnip for King Kitty, ornamental pepper, white loosestrife (yes I know it will need contained somehow), bee balm plus more. As one guest put it, “I know spring has arrived.”

Another friend gave me a new book, "Passalong Plants," which I'm anxious to read. But first I must finish "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down," an excellent book we are reading for book club next week.

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