Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It was a fun week of entertaining, culminating in a "tea" Sunday for my sister, her husband and another couple, except I forgot to restock my tea supplies so we had coffee spiked with Amaretto. No one complained.

Now it's time to tackle some of the jobs that have been piling up. The swimming pool needs opened, but there are numerous tree frogs clinging to the sides with thousands of tadpoles in the water. Before I dump the chemicals in the pool, I need to move as many frogs and tadpoles as I can to our pond.

Steve and the boys started the spring mowing at the Highlands (our tree farm) last weekend and yesterday Steve and I spent four hours clearing brambles between the trees. It was hot, hard, dirty work, but we were compensated by the beautiful day, the aerial antics of the birds, the companionship of quiet work with someone you love, and a large section of cleared land. I think our society is poorer for the loss of working hard together as a family to benefit the family unit.

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