Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rite of Passage

Is the pursuit of moron projects hardcoded into men? Son comes up with a new moron project every day...all involving $200 cars. Of course, every $200 car needs a neon shift knob and an amplifier in the trunk. I'm beginning to think tearing apart an old car is a rite of passage into manhood and perhaps we need to let him clear a space in the barn for it.


peg said...

What a great learning experience! Good mechanics are at a premium-maybe that's his calling. Also, a neon shift knob makes a wonderful stocking stuffer.

Lucy said...

Well, don't think of it as losing a barn. Think of it as being able to find your son at every single moment of the next few years.

If you set up a "baby-monitor" type itercom system, you won't even have to go to the barn to locate him.

And, if you put a mini-fridge out there, you'll be able to locate all his friends too!

susan w said...

Sounds like the thing to do - these projects are self-limiting...especially if they have to finance it themselves! I've known young men who have spent countless hours and any spare cash on these's not as noisy as a garage band, though lots dirtier. I'm convinced it's a guy thing and valuable lessons can be learned at a young age. (May save a future wife a lot a grief at midlife!!)