Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tacky Tuesday

Nina is talking about a regular feature on her blog. I have been toying with Tacky Tuesday since May. The idea was to post pictures of tacky landscaping and write wonderfully snarky posts about it. All summer I have been noting subject matter for this feature but have been too reserved to stop the car and take the picture. I would also invite others to submit photos to me for consideration. Tacky landscaping would not be the overgrown messes that come from not caring, but rather landscaping that has taken considerable thought, energy and money to achieve their tackiness. It's getting late in the season to start this effort, but what do you think?

Of course, I doubt if I will find anything so wonderfully and inadvertently tacky as this picture I recently found under "Don't DO That" link on the Renegade Gardener's website. Click through on the links to read his comments.

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Renee Wright said...

I really, really enjoyed the "don't" archives. I hate to think how many people I've seen with those mysterious tree circles and gravel as mulch. I wanted to forward the link to those folks, but thought better of it.