Monday, September 12, 2005


I volunteered at the extension this morning - "This is Earth Girl, Master Gardener, returning your call about..." Anyway, I learned a new word used in academia (of all places!) - actionize. So I'm actionizing my intent to blog.

Just now, I was hitting the "next blog" button on the top right of every blogger screen and I read an entry by a young cashier who got a call from "from lost control; you know, the people who try to prevent theft." Good idea! Put every person who has a proven skill in losing control into one department and make it easier on the rest of us.

Then I hit the "next blog" button again and read the following entry. A wee bit of observation would show that cows don't chase people. Bulls, yes.
i may have a totally ungrounded and irrational fear of cows. they arent cute. they arent nice. i dont want to pet them. they are shifty-eyed and unpredictable. you never know what they could do next. one minute it could be happily chewing grass, they next you could be mauled. i've heard of it, cow maulings. when i was in high school our cross country course meandered through these rolling hills where cattle were always grazing. and, OK, so no one got mauled. or even chased. but I was convinced the cows were going to chase me.

No more "next blogs" for me. I'll stick to link lists if I decide to surf the blogosphere again.

Update: A friend sent me the following in an email.
By the way, folks have funny ideas about 'cows.' For some a cow is any bovine...then there are people who think if it has horns it's a bull. What I didn't get about that blog was the thing about the eyes...cow's eyes seem almost mournful to me. But I spent a lot of time around steers, whose main job was to fatten up. No wonder they seemed sad

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Lucy said...

LOL! Oh, yes, cows will SO chase you and do bad things to you if they catch you.

BUT it depends on the cow, and their previous "people experiences". It also depends in part on their breed. Much as some dogs are known for being more agressive, so are some cows.

For example, Polled Herefords are sweet stupid animals. The "golden retrievers" of the bovine world. Angus are essentially "pit-bulls".

And, yes, I know about cattle having grown up on a farm and (heaven forbid) actually showing them. There. Thats a confession no one would believe! But, it paid very well and made my father very very happy!