Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mystery solved. This beautiful flower has been the first to bloom in our woods and for 15 years I've been trying to ID it. It is not in any of my wildflower books. Thanks to Ed, the site's naturalist, I now know this is Purple Cress. Why Purple? The underside of the basal leaves are a deep purple. Posted by Picasa


Lucy said...

Yay for you! I remember the moment of triumph years in the making that I finally identified the pink quilt my grandmother had on her guest-bed. It was the first quilt she ever made by herself. She was ten years old. It was THE loveliest shade of pink with white. And a pattern so complicated that it boggled the mind. She didn't remember the pattern name and no amount of research yielded it. Finally, I gave up. Years later I was standing in the hallway by the phone idlely thumbing through a new book she picked up for me on quilting at the turn of the century and there it was ... undeniabley her pattern. Dogwood Mountain Mist. I've wondered where "Dogwood Mountain" is. It must be some small peak probably only known to a handful of people in back coves of the Smokey Mountains.

Jennifer said...

Ooh, such pretty little bits of spring.
Thanks for sharing.

And congratulations on solving your mystery!

Happy Easter!