Monday, April 24, 2006

Letter from the school

I have time for only a short post, although many posts are rolling around in my head. We got a letter from the school on Saturday. I dread these letters and did not open it, but laid it beside my husband's plate.

Now my sons are great kids. They are happy, curious, social and kind-hearted. They have avoided the major pitfalls of teenagers, such as drinking, drugs, smoking, sex. But they have some learning deficits that qualify them for IEPS and resource help. Their progress has been remarkable, but they still have to work harder than other kids and that's becoming a burden as their interest grows in girls, sports, music, cars, and other testosterone-laden stuff that I don't quite understand. So I dread letters from the school, as they usually are notices of academic shortfalls.

Steve opened the letter at dinner and both boys were holding their breath. He turned to Ron and addressed him in a serious voice. Ron gulps. I gulp. Rick breathes a sigh of relief. And then he says how proud he is of him for working so hard because the teacher wrote to tell us he had an A+ in 10th grade English at mid-term. This is a minor miracle as English is the area of Ron's major deficit. Ron beamed. I cried. Rick even beamed for his brother.

They are studying Julius Caesar and Of Mice and Men. Ron loves to read and enjoyed both pieces of literature. Part of the grade was memorizing and presenting Mark Antony's speech to the class. He struggles more with writing (composition, spelling and grammar) which is related to expressive language.


Leah said...

Got to your blog through Lucy.

My son, Ethan has the same expressive/receptive language problem, though he is only in 1st grade.
I have recently started Ethan on Attend, a new homeopathic remedy by vaxa.
You can find it at, andl ook under Attention or ADHD/ADD, whatever it was. I just know it has made a huge improvement on his ability to express himself.
There are other similar products called Xtress and Memorin+ that address hyperactivity and memory.
I have only used the Attend on Ethan and have not seen anything else work this well. There is an explaination on the website about how each of these products work.

Hope these could be helpful to you, if you aren't opposed to homeopathic medicine.

Lucy said...

Yay! Aren't those the very best kind of letters!?! And, its absolutely charming (and reasurring) that you've raised boy that are so ready to be thrilled for each others accomplishments! This is definitely a post worthy of lots of exclamation points!

Jennifer said...

What wonderful news! That is an event worth celebrating as a family!