Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sports Frenzy

If you drove several hours south of my home, you would be in Indianapolis and several hours northwest lands you in Chicago. As you might guess, this town is divided between the Bears and the Colts. In fact, the Colts' coach suggested that the Super Bowl be held in Fort Wayne.

But the only division in our home is between the children and the parents. The parents don't care about sports (unless their child is playing) and the sons are avid fans of most sports. And their loyalty has been with the Colts for several years.

When Ricky came home from watching Sunday's playoffs with some friends, he was still frenetic. He ripped open his coat to show me his T-shirt. It was a white T-shirt that he had decorated with permanent marker, showing his support for the Colts. And it was totally ripped to shreds as part of the post-game celebration. (He refused to let me take a photo but did ask that I put the shirt in his memento box.)

Update on Ron's enlistment: He didn't pass his physical in December because of severe flat feet. He appealed and he had x-rays taken by the National Guard in early January. He didn't pass again. So they put in another appeal. We are now waiting. He has decided now to become a welder because "they start at $80,000 a year." Ah, reality will hit someday, Son.


Carol said...

And here in Indy, it is Colts, colts, colts. I enjoyed watching the game Sunday, and will enjoy the Super Bowl. I've never attended a Colts game, but it is "my" team, none-the-less.

Growing up, the neighbor across the street was a welder. He did make a good living, from what I could tell as a kid. But there are some job hazards, as with many professions.

Lucy said...

There's worse things than welding, and it frankly scares the life out of me that in the city its about that price-range. If the worker is union and working for a big construction company ... the price is out-the-roof. And thats if you can find anyone willing and able to do it!

A friend of ours here is a finish-carpenter who commutes into the city (about 3 hours per day) to work for a union-shop. Still, he doesn't like to tell people what he does because he gets hounded by friends/neighbors/locals asking "Hey, I'm desperate, can you do this?"

The people building our house mostly drive about an hour to get here. And we're NOT that far from civilization!

I was in the paint store a few months ago and someone came in asking for recommendations for anyone willing to paint a three story structure. There was NO ONE in the area willing to do it, and the guy was desperate!

Finally, after much thought, the clerk at the paint-store mentioned that there was a barn-painter who kept the equipment when he retired last year who had a son who was home from college for the summer who might be looking to pick up some spending-money. The man was thrilled even that there might be hope! How's THAT for desperate!?!

Finding qualified craft-people here is ridiculous. I've almost decided that my boys should abandon college-aspirations and become plumbers or electricians! They'd make more and work less. Its a thought.