Thursday, January 25, 2007


While winter is not my favorite season, it is when I see the garden most clearly. Both as it is, its structure or bones, and as it will be, with the help of my large seed order. Sometimes there are surprises, such as

a bird's nest in the Japanese maple.

Ron received the call from his recruiter. He did not pass the physical due to severe flat feet. He choked back sobs as he told me of the call, the loss of his heart's desire. He is entering a winter season but he cannot see clearly yet. I resist feeding him my truths, truths I learned the hard way. I must allow him to feel these emotions, but soon I will point out the other paths that are waiting for him and perhaps he will look up and see something special
like an oriole's nest 80 feet up in the wild cherry.


Lucy said...

I'm so sorry. So very very sorry. I suppose you're right that others words don't help very much, or that knowing others have suffered the same thing is cold comfort.

Its often said that God can use you where you are, but it should be noted that sometimes God will put you where you can be used.

He must be a special boy to want to fight-n-protect so badly. That desire and focus is a gift from God. And its my personal opinion that God doesn't give gifts he won't have us use, sometime somewhere somehow. Maybe just not what we were thinking or planning.

Still, its kinda exciting to see what great plan God has for your boy, isn't it?

Sophie said...

Terrific post! Thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows with us. I'm sure that God has a plan for your son.