Sunday, April 01, 2007

Going South and North

For about five years, Ricky has wanted to go to Florida for Spring Break. This year we finally gave him permission to go on the Campus Life trip to Vero Beach. He left Friday night and will be back next Saturday.

Friday morning I woke him by telling him that this was the last morning for over a week that he would wake-up in his bed. With his eyes still closed, a grin slowly appeared. We spent the day buying some last minute items and packing. Here he is taking his bags to the car.

When I dropped him off and he finished the paperwork, he came back to the car, looked at me intently and gave me the biggest and longest hug ever. Then we talked and I gave him a big old hug again. And then he stood there for a while. How much he wanted to leave and to stay.

Ron's heart's desire for Spring Break was to go to the Detroit Tigers opening games. No way was I going to let him drive in Detroit by himself, so I'm going with him to see games on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I am a big fan of my son. Spending several days with him will be a treat (or drive me crazy.)

I checked the temperatures at these two spring break locations: Florida - 79 degrees and sunny all week. Detroit (where I will be) - 34 to 40 degrees and snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Renee said...

Where in Florida is Ricky headed? John and I just got back from the St. Pete/Clearwater Beach area, as well as a foray north to Crystal River for some hot manatee action!