Wednesday, April 25, 2007

State Trees

Last evening, we planted 9 tulip poplars, Indiana's state tree, by our creek bank and one Buckeye, Ohio's state tree. I didn't mind the rain today, thinking of these trees settling into their new home. I just hope the wire cages keep the bunnies and deer away. All the trees were second year seedlings that I potted last year after weeding them from the garden at the site.


Kylee said...

Ah, Martha...the tulip of my absolute favorites. And I'm still trying to get ours to take off and grow more. Maybe this year!

We have a Buckeye that my parents gave us to plant when our oldest daughter Kara was born, in 1980. It's a nice-sized tree now, which gives us many buckeye nuts every fall and a seedling appears now and then, too.

Nickie said...

I love tulip poplars!!! :)

I hope they grow well for you :)