Sunday, April 22, 2007

Retraining the palate too

Saturday was a volunteer work day in the gardens at Gene Stratton-Porter. I asked my sister to cook lunch for the volunteers and she worked hard to prepare two types of quiche, fresh fruit tray, baguettes, and fresh cookies. After fighting with the Star of Bethlehem, it was nice to come into this lunch.

We have an older gent who works under a Federal retraining program at the site. Not much call for bear-baiters now, one of his previous jobs while he lived in Canada. After lunch, he asked my boss, "What was dat we ate for lunch? It was goo-ud, but what was it? I looked around for a main dish, a samwich or sumpin, but then I thought it was a dessert lunch, so's I got me a piece a pie. But it wasn't really pie."


Lucy said...

That must have been some fabulous quiche to win over a man that thought it was pie!

Laura said...

That's the secret to getting Morgan to eat quiche! Instead of telling her that it's eggs (which she likes...sometimes) I'll tell her it's PIE! Excellent!

Kylee said...

What a cute story! :-)