Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not so Freudian slip?

Ricky informed me last week while we were running errands that Dad was mean but I was the nice parent. I chuckled and explained that I have three roosters in my barnyard, three bulls in my pasture, three cardinals in my woods. In other words, there are three males in my house all vying to be the top dog. This is normal and a healthy course of events as they mature into men. But as long as they are living in our home, Dad is the alpha male. (And he's not mean. He's one of the nicest men they will ever know.)

When we got home, Ricky carried his package into the house and his dad told him to go back and carry in the groceries. With a bright smile, he replied, "Sure, Dad. I'll obey you, because you are the alfalfa male."

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