Monday, May 14, 2007

Our family is expanding

My nephew is engaged to this lovely lady and their engagement party was Saturday night in Chicago. I then spent Mother's Day with my sister's family at the Art Institute and Millennium Park.

Aneta moved to Chicago from Poland several years ago and our family is getting a quick lesson in Polish wedding customs. My sister was a little concerned that pictures would show up on this blog, but I'm just emailing it to her family.

Here we are gathering on the steps of the Art Institute on Sunday. What a treat to view the medieval art with my niece who has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and a graduate degree in Medieval Studies.

We are now on our way to the park. Look at the smile on Emily's face but her father and grandmother seem more concerned.

My other niece's four-year-old son was so satisfied with himself for climbing this tree. "I'm so strong, Aunt Martha."

Of course, his six-year-old sister had to climb the tree also. I bought them shaped balloons in the park and she asked for an invisible purple flower. The college students were flummoxed.

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the groom-to-be. Here's a picture from several years ago. I also missed pictures of my other niece, her husband and my nephew Jon. Jon is an 8th grader and I've never met an 8th grade boy so self-assured, so sweet and so funny. He had no trouble socializing with his uncle's big-city friends, but still gives his Aunt Martha big hugs.

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Lucy said...

Cpmgratulations! Its obvious that he made a WONDERFUL choice, because she couldn't possibly have a lovely smile like that and be anything other than a lovely person :)