Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Signs of summer

Last night as we left town, the outdoor temperature was 92 degrees according to the thermometer in the car. We watched it fall to 89 degrees as drove by the small airport and then rise again to 91 degrees at the strip mall. It gradually fell to 82 degrees as entered the countryside and then in the drive back to our home, it fell to a final reading of 78 degrees. It was a fifteen minute drive so time wasn't the factor in this 14 degree drop in temperature. Just another reason I love living in the country.

A short rainstorm came through tonight and broke the heat wave. Steve and I kept wandering back outside tonight, intoxicated by the glow of the first fireflies of the season, the chirping crickets and the smell of wet earth.

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Kylee said...

You've got lightning bugs ALREADY?? I've been keeping track of their appearance for many years now and here, they appear within a day or two of the first day of summer. It's amazing that they don't vary much from that schedule. I wonder why you get them so much earlier and you're further north a bit? Are they earlier this year, or is this the normal time for them there?