Tuesday, September 07, 2004

End of Summer
We closed the pool yesterday. There will still be days we wished it was open, but we have too many trees nearby and it is hard to keep it clean. The walnut tree has been depositing its tiny leaves for several weeks now.

As we sat on the back deck, it sounded like a car was crunching down our gravel drive. Then the sky turned black with a flock of grackles.

The Autumn Joy and Sweet Autumn clematis are in bloom. The tomatoes look worse for wear. In the meadow, the butterfly weed pods are bursting open and the wild asters are in bloom.

The sky is bluer than it was a few weeks ago.

The males in the house leave every morning for school.

I don't need a calendar. Fall is here.

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Kari said...

We just moved to Texas but in Missouri where we lived before it was definatly fall already and had been for awhile.