Monday, December 13, 2004

Chirstmas Semi-Formal

Christmas Semi-Formal
Saturday night was the Freshman semi-formal and both boys attended - Ron in his new suit and Rick in a tux he borrowed for the show choir Christmas program this week. They were so handsome and grown-up. It's hard to believe how quickly they've grown.

Rick had a "date." They went to the dance separately and returned separately, but he bought her a wrist corsage and had their picture taken together. Ron asked a girl but she was not allowed to go.

Rick is on student council so he spent three hours Friday night and another four hours Saturday morning and then until after 1:00 am after the dance putting up and taking down the decorations. Sweet hubby helped transform the gym despite finals looming this week.

One of the chaperones reported to me after Sunday School that Ron was amazing in his ability to mix with adults (from principal to sherioff to janitor) and kids (from cheerleaders to the goths). "He has a future in sales." Ron's response was "I'm not like that, Mom." I'm not sure what his idea of salesmen are, but I pointed out that his cousin is making a good living at CDW and his eyes lit up. Ron reported Ricky acted like he always does at dances. I know what that means. He was a wild dancing man, throwing himself on the floor and generally enjoying himself and embarrassing his brother.

Do the girls know the effect they have on these teenage boys? Ron (Mr. Black and White) told me that most of the girls would have been sent home if the dress code was enforced.
"They wore spaghetti straps, Mom. Their dresses were held up only by
these thin straps the size of spaghetti

Yes, son, I know what spaghetti straps are even if you will never see me in one.
"And then the rest of the girls didn't even have those straps. Their
dresses weren't held up by anything

Called strapless, my son.
"When they danced, the girls had to keep one hand on the the top of their
dresses so their tops wouldn't fall down

Poor girls, when they tried on the gowns, they forgot they had to dance in them.

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