Thursday, December 16, 2004

My First Thursday Three
Not being a southerner (not even a smidgen), I've read with interest the Thursday Threes which usually have a southern theme. But this time, Possumblog gave me something that transcends the Mason-Dixie Line.

1. The ol? Tannenbaum--fake or real? When does it go up? And when does it come down? Not only is it real, but we grow the trees ourselves so they look real. The last time we bought a "real" Christmas tree, it had been spray painted! It goes up Thanksgiving weekend and comes down quickly after Christmas. I cut the branches off it and use them to protect my garden over winter.

2. Shopping--fake or real? Oh, wait, that?s the last question. Here we are--do you wait until the last minute or plan ahead? Do you give gift cards? Both. I bought two dolls for my nieces last summer in their own satin lined boxes (coffins?) but I can't find them anywhere. I have truly tore the house apart. So I'm substituting my favorite book to give and to receive - books. Gift cards have become the gift du jour for inlaws since they have everything they need and could possibly want. Of course, this year one son suggested a $2000 gift certificate to Dell Computer!

3. And finally, where do you carry out your celebrating, of whatever sort it might be? At your house, at a relative?s house in the area, or out of town? For years, we have spent Christmas Eve with my inlaws followed by the midnight candlelight service at church, Christmas morning at home, and then left in the afternoon for the 12 hour drive to my mothers. Then my brothers and sister and our families meet the Sunday before or after Christmas. This year things are a'changin'. Mom's moved home and inlaws decided to celebrate Christmas Day. So Christmas Eve at home with a special request dinner of Cornish rock game hens followed by church service. Christmas morning at home (Santa still comes to our house). Christmas afternoon at inlaws. Day after Christmas, 30 odd (take that any way you wish) Bishops will converge on my house for our celebration.

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