Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holiday Carols Update

Holiday Carol Update
Here's the response from the Marketing Director at the local mall to my last post:
All of our shoppers celebrate the holidays in different ways. We want
to wish everyone a special holiday wish...and the use of Happy Holidays
crosses all religions.

I appreciate your comments. Thank you

I appreciate her prompt and proper response, but she missed the point of why this sign was so hilariously PC - the awkward paraphrasing of well-known Christmas song. I've been thinking of other songs that could be sanitized for the season:

Silent Night, "Wholly" Night
"Higher Being" Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Oh Come, All Ye Spenders

The First "Shopping Season" the Angel did say
Hark the Herald "heavenly beings that some believe in" sing
Joy to the World, "someone" was born
We wish you a Merry Solstice

OK, you get the idea. Any contributions?

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