Monday, March 07, 2005

Concert Contrasts

Concert Contrasts
Last Thursday, the boys and I saw Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin and Stephen Curtis Chapman. Ricky, my son in show choir, sat on my left and Ron was on my right. (Yes, a parent still has to separate them sometimes.) Chris Tomlin, especially, encouraged the crowd to stand, sing, dance which Ricky and I did with abandon while Ron hissed at us to sit down and be quiet. Meanwhile Ron was pointing out to me specifics about camera placements, speaker size and the complexity of the sound boards.

Stephen Curtis Chapman shared how adopting three Chinese girls changed their lives and related it to God adopting us. Being tremendously moved, I put my arms around my adopted twins in an outpouring of love and thanksgiving. Ron reacted as if he had been burned, shrugging off my touch with a Mom-we're-in-public reaction. Ricky leaned into my hug and put his head on my shoulder.

Sometimes it's hard to believe they are twins.

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