Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Love

A Young Man's Fancy
I am writing this in such a way to protect my son's privacy. Son asked me to take him to the library. He headed to the poetry section and found a book of love poems so he could write a love note to someone he is sweet on. Then he handed me the book and made me carry it so no one would see him with a book of love poetry!

My nephew (mid-20s) has been getting serious with a young Polish woman. She has totally charmed me, so I am sending him this spring poem (courtesy of Nina) so he can follow the lead of his young cousin and send his girl a spring poem:
Grasshoppers ran before me in a gallop
From underneath their hooves, flowers burst into bloom
Frogs in ponds lit fires of sound
In the sky the moon set flames of light to stars?
(the imagery in this song is Polish through and through)

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