Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Three

Another Thursday Three from the Possum
1.) Have you traveled anywhere by boat (across a pond or around the ocean)?
No oceans but about every other type of waterway: Great Lakes, lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, and even a swamp in Louisiana

2.) Have you ever owned a boat?
Well, right now we have 6 canoes, 1 jon boat and 1 paddlewheel boat.

3.) If you were to take a boat trip and had unlimited funds and no motion sickness, where would you go, who would you take and what kind of boat would you go on?
I'd take only my husband. We dream about two trips in our canoes. The first trip starts on the Eel River (a few miles from our house) which empties into the Wabash River, which empties into the Ohio which empties into the Mississippi, then down Ol' Man River to New Orleans. That's a realistic dream, but with unlimited funds (and time), I'd extend our paddle through Central and South America. I'd have to get a map to determine our route. The other trip we dream about is on Nahinni inspired by Dangerous River. We located several outfitters who will take us down the river but the cost is too high. Donations accepted!

Bonus question: What food stuffs would you want if you were marooned.
Terry had the right idea with MREs. We took them on the mule trip into Three Sisters Wilderness area and survived very nicely. I'd also include "Icing on the Cake" coffee beans.

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