Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Orange Almond Cake

Tort Orzechowy
The picture and description of Nina's birthday cake, over on The Other Side of the Ocean, was so tempting that I asked her for the recipe. I made it last night and now have another favorite recipe.

According to Nina, Tort Orzechowy is literally nut cake. It is "infused with tons of orange juice to keep it moist." She substituted almonds for walnuts, which are ground and added with the flour mixture. She also indicated that Poles like buttercream frosting but she shared a recipe for a bittersweet chocolate frosting that she uses.

When I went shopping I wrote down the ingredients I needed, but not the amounts. I bought two 4 oz. bars of Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate and imagine my surprise when the frosting called for 16 ounces! This cake is literally coated with ONE POUND of chocolate.

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