Monday, April 04, 2005


13 Years
My first daffodils are blooming! They are in a zone 6 microclimate in my zone 5 garden. This bed faces southeast and is next to the pond so it gets reflected heat from the water. Most of the other daffodils just have fat buds.

The crocus are nearly gone, but in 1992 they were in full bloom on this date.

I've been pulling garlic mustard again. Our neighbor works for Nature Conservancy and is testing a biological agent that is suppose to attack only garlic mustard. That would be nice but I'm leery of such things as so many introduced items are now pests. I'll keep trying to hand dig the mustard so they don't have time to seed.

It is spring break for the boys. Ricky left this morning for a four day trip to Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky with my youngest brother. Brother is part of the Fort Wayne Fire Rescue squad and they have an annual wilderness camp with rappelling, rock climbing and caving. This is the third year for Ricky to join them in the adventure. I went the first year (the only woman) and still remember the night hike to Chimney Rock where one man played the bagpipes that echoed across the valley. It was the most beautiful rendition I've heard of Amazing Grace. There is a ginger-infused, caffeinated ginger ale sold only in Kentucky named Ale81, but called A Late One. We instructed Ricky to bring us back a few bottles.

Ron has to attend baseball practice at the high school all week, but has managed to talk his grandfather into taking him to see a Detroit Tigers game. This is the favorite team of both.

And thirteen years ago today, on a beautiful spring day, I married the most wonderful man.

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