Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why Blog?

Why Blog?
Over the years, I've read several essays on why someone blogs. The conclusion was usually fame (not fortune); in other words, increase traffic, move up the ecosystem, become a big dog in the blogosphere (or big blog in the dogosphere). Of course, most of these essays were written by people who had lots of readers. I knew this reason wasn't true for me, but I couldn't determine what motivated me to post for three years. Now I know.

I blogged for a specific audience and that audience was personified by my mother. Now these essays usually made fun of bloggers who were only read by their mother. That is rather sad, from my perspective as a mother who hopes her sons will honor her and as a daughter who had a mother worthy of honor.

Now that Mom is no longer waiting for my next post (and reminding me when it had been a while), I'm not posting as often. Oh sure, I put up some pictures, but this hasn't been a photoblog. I will compose posts in my head during my day, but never get around to writing it. Perhaps it is still part of the grieving process when it is hard to do anything that isn't absolutely required (pay taxes, pay bills, feed family, and always laundry). Perhaps it is the increased activity of a free lance job and working on Mom's apartment. Perhaps it is spring fever. Perhaps I need to put another face to my audience.

By the way, I'm a flippery fish, one step ahead of the slimy mollusks but below crawly amphibians.

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